What Do Police Look For in DUI Stops?

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What can I do to help myself during a DUI sweep?

What Do Police Look For in DUI Stops?

When being pulled over as part of a DUI sweep, it is important to remember a few things:

1. Don't panic! A drunk driving sweep does not mean an automatic felony DUI charge. The police have probably stopped dozens of people before you, and dozens more will be stopped once you have driven away. Acting too nervous or worried only arouses the suspicions of the officer.

2. In most cases, a single drink does not put you in violation of the law. See the above rule.

3. Be polite and act normally. The officer isn't interested in you personally; he or she has a job to do. Rude, obnoxious, or otherwise unusual behavior can be considered telltale signs of illegal activity including driving under the influence of drugs.

4. Officers hear every kind of excuse and explanation in the world. Save time by simply complying with what the authorities want you to do, but never hesitate to ask for a blood test instead of a breath test.

Following these simple steps will help speed your time through the DUI checkpoint and get you on your way home.



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