What Leads to a DUI Arrest?

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I haven't been drinking, but I am being pulled over. Help!

What Leads to a DUI Arrest?

There are many indicators that may lead a police officer to make a DUI arrest. The drunk driving facts of life include extreme suspicion of the following:

1. Incoherent speech
2. Slurred speech and slow replies to questions
3. Speaking too loudly
4. Difficulty handing license and insurance paperwork
5. An inability to give the same answers to repeated questions

Remember that fatigue often makes people appear as though they are intoxicated. If you are driving home after a long night, you may be pulled over for erratic driving behavior that appears to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In these situations, it is very important to explain to the officer that you are coming home from work, being a designated driver, or whatever situation applies.

Wait until you are asked before volunteering the information, but be sure to let the officer know you are simply tired. A cooperative attitude and honest answers will go a long way towards an officer's willingness to let you off with a warning to get some sleep.



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