Debunking a Major Myth About DUI Charges

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Can I use my regular lawyer to help me in a DUI case?

Debunking a Major Myth About DUI Charges

There are many half-truths, urban legends, and falsehoods about DUI charges. Some people wrongly think chemical test refusal will get them out of a DUI stop. Others believe such nonsense as sucking on loose change can help beat a breathalyzer test during a police stop under suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The number one myth about drunk driving arrests? The idea that any lawyer can represent someone accused in a drunk driving accident or DUI stop.

A DUI legal expert is your best defense against a DUI charge. If you believe you have been falsely or inaccurately accused, why try your luck with a lawyer who has no proven track record in such cases? You need an expert defender.



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