Driving Under the Influence

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Are misdemeanor drunk driving situations that unsafe?

Driving Under the Influence

It doesn't take a felony DUI situation with excessively elevated blood alcohol content, high speed, and other factors to create a dangerous situation for the driver and passengers. Here are some basic drunk driving facts. For starters, the biggest myth about drinking and driving is that you can "learn to drive drunk". Alcohol impairs your ability to handle surprises. Even at low speeds, a sudden roadblock, detour, or even a deer can cause you to lose control of the car.

Another extremely dangerous situation involves highway hypnosis. If you are subject to this syndrome, alcohol only aggravates the problem. Driving on the highway after too many drinks can set you up for a drunk driving accident caused by nothing more than a simple case of wandering attention during the long drive. The alcohol relaxes mind and body, and the repetition of the landscape and highway features often lulls even sober drivers into distraction. You are far more susceptible to highway hypnosis after alcohol consumption.

It is always better to take a taxi or get a hotel room than risk dealing with these problems, which can arise at far lower levels of alcohol consumption than most people realize.



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