Restrictions on the Ignition Interlock Program

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What is not allowed in the ignition interlock program?

Restrictions on the Ignition Interlock Program

A small percentage of drivers take part in an ignition interlock device program, only to try to cheat the system later on. Did you know a driver is subject to arrest for such actions? The ignition interlock system must be used by the owner of the vehicle each and every time he or she attempts to drive. There is a list of illegal uses of the ignition interlock system including:

1. Tampering with the ignition interlock device in any way.
2. Allowing someone else to use the interlock breath alcohol test to allow the owner to drive.
3. De-installing the ignition interlock system and operating the vehicle.

These are all illegal, and can result in the removal of the offender from the program and possible arrest.



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