Ignition Interlock Safeguard Devices

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Can I drink coffee in my car with an interlock device present?

Ignition Interlock Safeguard Devices

Participation in an ignition interlock device program requires absolute cooperation in order to be considered successful. Even with the second chance, there are some people who try to thwart, tamper with, or override the ignition interlock. Those who really want the second chance at being a safe driver again don't attempt this, but the percentage that do force manufacturers of ignition interlock systems to install anti-tampering devices which can inconvenience those who are making an honest go of their second chance program.

One inconvenience you may be forced to deal with is with food and drink while driving. It is not a good idea to consume food around an ignition interlock device. Many models activate the breath test function at random as part of a program called the "rolling test". This "secret sample" will prevent the car from operating if a positive breath alcohol test result is achieved. Interlock manufacturers recommend no eating or drinking around the system to “prevent damage to the system”.



10/16/2007 8:48:26 PM
j said:

a prefilter of activated charcoal will remove organics

6/18/2009 3:07:22 PM
Greg Villafana said:

If/when there is a designated driver who has not had a single drink, and two or three other drunk passengers and the interlock device takes a random air sample, as you describe, what will happen then?
How can you allow for such cases without disableing the ignition?


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