Interlock Installation Expenses

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Is there any financial help to defray the cost of an ignition interlock?

Interlock Installation Expenses

One of the major problems a DUI offender faces in the wake of a conviction is monetary. How do you pay the large fines and court costs? Many times the offender is put deep into debt by the case. When it comes time to get a second chance with an ignition interlock system, the offender may not be able to afford the interlock installation.

Fortunately there are some circumstances where the court can order that a portion of the fines paid in connection with a DUI conviction be applied to the interlock device. Ask your lawyer if you qualify for this. Not all states provide for this assistance, but in states such as Florida, this can be a major source of relief for someone dedicated to mending the error of their ways, driving right, and getting on with life after the legal ordeal.



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