Confusing BUI Laws?

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The boating laws seem vague on the subject of alcohol. Help!

Confusing BUI Laws?

Boating under the influence laws vary from state to state. Some states have a BUI limit of .05 instead of the usual .08. Did you know that in some areas the definition of "boating while intoxicated" is described as any condition where the boat operator cannot properly guide or control the vessel? It's true--you may be subject to laws, which give far greater freedom to law enforcement to interpret. This means that you could be charged with a BUI offense even though you are well under the accepted "legal limit".

Some boating under the influence laws are extremely vague in one respect. If the law is interpreted one way, a single drink is enough to be in violation. Interpreted the other way, one drink is harmless enough. As usual, the best policy in these circumstances is "better safe than sorry."



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