Hypoglycemia and DUIs

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Will Hypoglycemia affect my driving similar to alcohol?

Hypoglycemia and DUIs

Some who get pulled over on a DUI stop are well under the legal blood alcohol content limit, but some medical conditions can cause slow reaction times and unsteady driving that is mistaken for driving under the influence. Hypoglycemia is one such medical condition. Symptoms include abnormally low blood sugar levels, which can starve the brain of glucose, slowing those critical reaction times. People who suffer from this problem must regulate their food intake more closely than others. When alcohol is consumed, conditions are right in some cases for a flare-up of low blood sugar problems.

Symptoms of abnormally low blood sugar can mimic those of intoxication, and some hypoglycemic people have been falsely charged with DUI because of their condition. You can be well under the legal limit for blood alcohol content and still get pulled over if your symptoms are strong enough. It's important to remember that alcohol will cause low blood sugar for hypoglycemic people if they haven't eaten properly before drinking. Don't risk a false accusation.



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