What Are Some Examples of DUI Penalties?

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What can a first offender expect from a DUI punishment?

What Are Some Examples of DUI Penalties?

DUI punishment varies from state to state, so you'll need to check with your lawyer to see what may apply in your particular state. Using California DUI penalties as an example, first offenders who are denied probation can expect the following:

1. 48 hours of jail time minimum.
2. 6 months driver's license suspension
3. $340 fine

As you can see, DUI penalties are fairly harsh, even for a first offense. There are things that can factor in to a first time offense, depending on your state. Driver's license suspension may be part of the package, but if you get probation, your state may allow you to keep your license provided you meet certain conditions set by the court. These can include rehab counseling, safe driver classes, and community service. Your lawyer will have more information, but make sure you understand what you are committing yourself to under a probation agreement. Violation of probation is taken quite seriously and can result in automatic driver license suspension and jail time.



2/23/2009 3:12:10 PM
wesley dodd said:

this tip is really accurate but what i dont understand is why the system has to basically cut your life off i have done all the classes required, pay all fines off and still i cant get my DL back because of suspnsion it is way to harsh they should give them back after we go through all of this will ssomeone explain this to me


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