A One Mistake Country? Perhaps Not...

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Are there any lobby groups working on behalf of those convicted under DUI laws?

A One Mistake Country? Perhaps Not...

Did you know that a group called the National Motorists Association, or NMA, (www.motorist.org) is involved in fighting what it calls "revenue-generating enforcement" and "revenge-based enforcement"? This lobby group opposes drunk driving, while encouraging reasonable DUI penalties. The group also actively opposes what it claims are police state tactics.

If you face DUI penalties you believe are unfair, you may not be able to do anything about them short of having your lawyer enter an appeal. However, you may wish to look into becoming active in an organization such as the NMA. If you believe the laws in your state are unfairly harsh, geared towards state fundraising, or otherwise inappropriate, consider making your voice heard.



2/21/2008 8:04:02 PM
richard freudenthal said:

i believe the dui laws in massachusetts are not faif. for dui#5 i did a two year mandatory in jail and now i'm on probation for three years. if i violate,i have to do 6 mo in jail again and then i will be free.i was lead to believe that i had a 2 year mando and 6 mo probation when i got convicted but found out different when i got out.
while in jail, my hip started going bad. they never helped me after asking for help.they watched me deteriate. i went in walking and feeling ok and went out crippled. i'm scheduled to have surgery for a hip replacement next mo.
i think the system is corrupt and the laws need to be reformed.

6/18/2011 2:19:52 PM
Jon Doe from O-hi-O said:

First of all, alcohol should be banned, but that won't happen because it's a necessary evil in this society. The reality is that the revenues from alcohol sales justify drunk driving deaths, in the minds of our lawmakers. Just like our war for oil in the middle east justifies the hoardes of US-flag covered caskets that get shipped home on a regular basis.

DUI penalties too harsh? Well...yes and no.

I'll begin with an arguement that the efforts against DUI in this country focus on prosecution, not prevention. If it did, the number of incidents would decrease for sure; but then think about all those poor defense attorneys and alcohol beverage makers and bar/club owners who would see their revenues decline. They are more than aware of that, and thus make sure to be on a first-name basis with their state senators.

"DUI penalties are not tough enough": I agree...when it comes to the penalties regarding the alcohol itself. Go to a successful DUI attorney's web site and look at the case results where penalties are dealt. License suspension, probation, jail time...and a 3-day intervention course??

Not very ethical. Instead: mandatory counseling, mandatory interlock, mandatory SCRAM ankle strap. Oh, I know--how about an ID card that reads "Do not sell or serve alcohol to this person". Good idea, anyone?

The alcohol is the source of the problem and the penalties should be all about the source. Kill off the ability to purchase and consume, and you've killed the problem.

"DUI penalties are too harsh": I agree...if you're referring to the license suspension and jail terms. With a suspension, a victim (the driving) is punished. Again...smash to pieces the offender's ability to drink PERIOD and the problem is solved. And the restricted "party" plates? Invasion of privacy. The only time a license suspension should be handed down is if damage of any kind resulted from an incident. THAT I don't believe anyone would disagree with.

Jail time? Seriously, is there a point to this? Community service is the correct answer. Order the offender to participate in DUI awareness programs or volunteer time at a hospital with drunk driving victims. What would be more effective: having him look into the eyes of the affected or sitting around all day in a locked room cracking jokes with other non-violent offenders?.....

I understand that bringing about change in this direction will not be easy. For DUI penalties to change for the better, people have to change for the better. Is that not the same kind of principle on which Alcoholics Anonymous is based?


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