The California Police Officer Took My License. Why?

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Why did the officer take away my license on the spot?

The California Police Officer Took My License. Why?

In California, much like the rest of the United States, administrative license suspension can result from a DUI arrest. Your license is taken away, and you are required to go to court in order to get it reinstated.

This DUI punishment is an administrative action, in addition to the criminal case you already face. The rules are set up so that you have a very short period of time to request a DMV hearing to get it back (the burden is on you to do this). Once the time period has passed, it is impossible for you to get a hearing at all. You then face expensive measures to get your license back.

Whether you face a California administrative license suspension, or similar action in another state, it is imperative that you act quickly to request a hearing. Get your lawyer involved immediately so you don't miss your chance to reclaim your license!



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