The Hidden Penalty

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What is the hidden cost of a DUI conviction?

The Hidden Penalty

One of the "hidden" penalties of a DUI trial, a felony charge, and the need for a good drunk driving defense is elevated insurance premiums or cancelled policies as a result of a DUI trial, felony charge, or DUI conviction.

Many insurance companies don't know right away when a DUI is entered onto your record. Once they do find out, you may be placed into a high-risk category, or have your insurance cancelled altogether.

A good DUI attorney will tell you that you will probably be required to furnish proof of insurance to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a proscribed period of time following a DUI trial. Ask any professional legal expert and they will tell you that insurance companies usually have a limited time to act after a DUI conviction to raise your rates or cancel your policy.

That is good news for those facing a DUI trial, but if your company does cancel your insurance, you will have to try to get another policy with that blemish on your record.



7/4/2009 1:06:22 PM
Ruth Stroup said:

Often DUI comes at a time of other types of financial duress, and so it's a double whammy. As an insurance agent, I work with my clients to find affordable solutions. Often people need to simply forego driving for a while.


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