More Questions to Ask Your Attorney

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What should I expect from my attorney

More Questions to Ask Your Attorney

Going in to a DUI trial, you need all the expertise and legal experience you can get. Your lawyer should want to fight tooth and nail to have you cleared. Your DUI defense depends greatly on how tough-minded the lawyer is. That said, your DWI attorney should be realistic with you about your chances with a "not guilty" plea. Your drunk driving defense depends on having a reasonable expectation of success.

If your attorney can't paint you a realistic picture of how the trial could go given the details of your case, fire the lawyer and move on. Don't be fooled by an excessively optimistic or unrealistic explanation from your DUI lawyer.

If the facts of your case clearly warrant a different outcome that a "not guilty" verdict, you will need counsel that can negotiate a plea or reduced sentence; in other words, someone who can expertly argue in your favor even if the verdict is not ideal.



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