Why Does My Lawyer Want Me To Plead Guilty?

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Why does my lawyer want me to plead guilty?

Why Does My Lawyer Want Me To Plead Guilty?

Many DUI lawyers, upon reviewing the facts of a particular felony charge, will advise a client to forgo a "not guilty" plea. You may be angered when you first hear this advice, but try to keep an open mind. Your drunk driving defense may not stand up in court, or the DUI lawyer has seen the outcome of your particular DUI defense, and knows a better way to go.

Pleading guilty may be your best bet for a number of reasons. If you have no issues with a DUI washout period, or other state DUI laws, a first-time offense may be plea-bargained for a reduced punishment. Your DUI lawyer or other state counsel could get you into alcohol counseling, driving school, or community service as an alternative to incarceration, heavy fines, or other punishments. A guilty plea may actually work in your favor in a DUI trial. Being found guilty will bring much stronger punishment!



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