First DUI Charges and Probation

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What happens if I am given probation?

First DUI Charges and Probation

First time DUI offenders may receive probation, depending on the state where they reside, but probation has many implications.

Depending on your state, you may be required to complete rehab and make regular visits to a counselor. A California DUI class is a must for first time offenders in that state. Other states have their own requirements including fines, reports to a probation officer and more. You may also have motor vehicle restrictions including limited use of your car, and even the installation of an ignition lock mechanism, which prevents the car from being operated if alcohol is detected on your breath.

Also, probation for a first DUI does not mean the return of your driver's license. This separate matter is determined by the Department of Motor Vehicles, and you should immediately get in touch with your state DMV following suspension of your license to schedule a hearing. Make sure you fully understand the logistics and expectations of your DUI charge and get a full account in writing of what is expected of you. A good DUI lawyer can help you in this area.



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