If I Posted Bail, Do I Need to Appear in Court?

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What happens if I forfeit bail?

If I Posted Bail, Do I Need to Appear in Court?

Did you know that some state DUI laws stipulate that bail forfeiture is equal to a conviction? These laws are spelled out for specific circumstances. If you post bail in a DUI or DWI case, but are required by the court to report, it is absolutely imperative that you show up for all court dates and hearings. Three strikes laws may not apply to your initial charges if they don't meet state criteria, but increased penalties and new charges can result if you ignore court orders to appear.

Did you know that in some cases your lawyer may be able to appear in court on your behalf? This can allow you to legally be in two places at once, for purposes of the hearing or court date. Ask your DUI lawyer or legal counsel in your state if your circumstances allow this. Regardless, you are required to comply with all court orders or requirements to remain in a particular area if such restrictions apply to your case.



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