Upping the Ante For Multiple Convictions

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Will I be fined or charged more for multiple violations, even if they aren't "related"?

Upping the Ante For Multiple Convictions

You may be worried about coming into three strikes law jurisdiction with a Texas DUI or a Vegas DUI offense, but there are other issues that can cause just as much worry. Did you know that most states have an escalating set of fines and other penalties for multiple offenses? Your DUI state laws may impose additional punishment simply for having more than one of any kind of offense, and you will definitely pay more fines for a second or third DUI or DWI. Some states automatically elevate a DUI offense to a felony charge after a specified number of offenses. California state DUI law specifies four offenses; other states may have higher or lower limits for the number of misdemeanors you are "allowed".



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