What About a Felony Conviction With Prison Time?

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Can someone sentenced to state prison get an expungement?

What About a Felony Conviction With Prison Time?

There are some cases where a California expungement, or other state felony expungement, is not available or applicable. The good news is that there are still avenues for help. You may be eligible for a certificate of rehabilitation and pardon, or a Governor's pardon. These actions greatly depend on the circumstances of your case, but they are avenues open to you if you can't apply for an expungement. One of the things that can deny you access to the expungement process is a sentence with no probation. If you must serve a term in state prison (as opposed to jail time and then probation), chances are you won't be able to apply for relief or expungement. Check with your lawyer for the most current information regarding your case.



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