Safe Parties

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What does MADD recomend for a safe party?

Safe Parties

What does Mothers Against Drunk Drivers encourage in order to have a safe and sensible party environment?

1. Hosts should not rely on visual cues to tell them if someone is sober. MADD encourages hosts and hostesses to consider the amount of drinks a guest has consumed plus the amount of time spent not drinking.

2. MADD encourages people to forget about the percieved differences between wine, alcohol, and mixed drinks--a bottle of beer has the same amount of alcohol as a five ounce glass of wine. MADD encourages people to remember this factor when trying to help people stay responsible.

3. MADD's position on alcohol is quite clear. Underage drinking is illegal and should never be condoned or ignored by a party host. Situations like these can lead to violations of underage drinking law, and potential arrest for both underage drinkers and the host of the party.



3/25/2007 12:49:51 AM
Jenaro Guillen said:

Hello The reason why I am commenting on this is because I truly understand how serious this issue is , I have a son that is a fairly new driver , with a driving license, and being his age , in my opinion he drives recless when he is driving normal, I recently found out through others in my family that my son has been going to my sisters house behind my back meaning me not knowing nothing about these activities, to Drink alcoholic beverages, and I have had numerous talks with his mom which I dont have relations with anymore about his underage drinking and his attitude and she seemed not to care about it like it was o.k. for him to be doing those activities, She tells me that at least his their drinking , and my sister host these so called parties, for underage teenagers to have , when she her self is a mother of 5 kids, it scares the heck out of me just knowing that is going on and unable to do anything about it as a single father against to out of control mothers, now my son just chooses not to have any relations with me now because he knows I am against it all. I worry about the people he will injure if he drinks and drives. I dont know what to do about it , and just wanted to let you know that I guess not all mothers are against drunk driving. thanks for your time.


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