How Your Blood Alcohol Level is Measured

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How is blood alcohol measured?

How Your Blood Alcohol Level is Measured

The most common system for measuring and reporting a person's blood alcohol level is calculated using the weight of alcohol in milligrams and the volume of blood in deciliters (this yields a blood alcohol concentration that can be expressed as a percentage). This system of determining blood alcohol level is the one prescribed by almost every state.

The tool used by the authorities to determine blood alcohol level is called a "breathalyzer". Few patrol cars are equipped with these tools so often times secondary officers or specialists are brought in to administer the test and determine your blood alcohol level.

*Remember that a blood alcohol test is voluntary and, if you are 21 or older, you have every right to refuse to take one.



9/19/2007 6:43:51 AM
aNDY said:

I hope you live close to the bus stop because most states SUSPEND your drivers license if you REFUSE to submit to a breath test. Have you ever heard of "implied consent"????


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