Drunk Driving - Who Suffers?

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Who suffers from drunk driving?

Drunk Driving - Who Suffers?

Drunk driving can lead to other crimes. Too often, drunk driving inevitably leads to crimes like vehicular manslaughter. For those arrested for drunk driving in and of itself, many would say that it is a fairly 'victimless crime'. However, these same people are not realizing that, to some extent, the driver is a victim. Even if no one is hurt and no property damaged, drunk driving can cause the driver to lose more than they bargained for when they pick up their keys.

*If you are arrested for drunk driving, remember to find yourself a good DUI attorney and, next time, remember that you can prevent yourself from being the victim in the future.



9/25/2007 7:43:58 AM
Giustina said:

I can say that in 1988 when that man hit our church van 4 people including 2 children were killed. My brother and grandmother was 2 of those people. So I am glad for things like this so maybe people will think twice about driving drunk

11/27/2007 9:09:15 AM
Veronica said:

I live in a very small town were every one knows every one and in being this way you begin to make friends that are unforgetable. I have recently lost somone very special, hes was the best person in the world and the greatest friend to every one. I miss justin so much and i just want to say its not only the family who loses something because of a drunk driver its the people around to. So drinkin and drivin is somthing that should not enters the minds of people.


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