Preventing Drunk Drivers - Do Your Part

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How can I help stop drunk drivers?

Preventing Drunk Drivers - Do Your Part

We have all been there. You're at a bar, a party, or even a friends house when someone has had one too many and doesn't think twice about hitting the road. Drunk drivers are a risk to themselves, others, and even you. Do not just watch next time.

*The only way to prevent drunk drivers from getting on the road is to stop them in their tracks. If your friend looks like a potential drunk driver next time you are out together, stop them before they go too far. They will thank you for it, guaranteed.



11/20/2008 4:32:56 PM
David Baker said:

Hello everyone my name is Dave in sep,20 of 2008 i was very foolish and just plain stupid. I choose to drink and drive im begging everyone who drinks please dont drive give your keys to someone you know. I blame no one but myself but i wish my freinds would of stoped me or i gave my keys up or just didnt drive. Cause of my choice i have lost alot first my truck but most of all my health my back is messed up and my left hand in which when the truck rolled my hand was pinned under it for 4 hours i may never ever have the use of it ever again i have flash backs of the wreak also and very bad depression caz of my choice. My faimly is also getting draged down caz i can no longer work we have no car and their going threw all the emoitions also so please dont drink and drive dont be a fool like i was caz no one should have to go threw this think about this when you think you want to drive while drinking Thank you and god bless you


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