Making an Insurance Claim After a Drunk Driving Crash

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Will insurance cover a drunk driving crash?

Making an Insurance Claim After a Drunk Driving Crash

When you are the victim of a drunk driving crash, automobile insurance should cover all of your damages. It is important to make your claim as soon as you can. After a drunk driving crash, it is also important to provide as much evidence of damages to the insurance company as you can. The more details and specific damages, the more comprehensive your settlement will be.

Nothing can replace what is lost in the accident and nothing can make it like it never happened, but an insurance settlement can help you move forward with your life and not be held back by the accident. Make sure that you immediately gather the necessary insurance information from the other driver after a drunk driving accident. With this information and a qualified attorney, you can start back on your feet again.



10/12/2011 2:41:01 AM
kilo said:

But what to do when hit by a drunk driver and he didn't even had insurance?


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