Holiday Season - Watch For Drunk Driving Accidents

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Are the holidays really more prone to drunk driving accidents?

Holiday Season - Watch For Drunk Driving Accidents

All statistics and studies point to one fact about the occurrences of drunk driving accidents: They are far more likely during holiday seasons. Most people attend Christmas or New Year's Eve parties and most of these parties involve drinking. Far too often, people leave these parties without a designated driver and under the influence. Unfortunately, this often results in a drunk driving accident that can result in major injury or even death.

When holiday season comes around, be more aware of your surroundings and the friends with which you travel. If you are going to drink, take a cab or use a designated driver. If you are not going to drink, be a designated driver for others, you may save their lives from being lost in a drunk driving accident.



12/31/2006 2:19:30 PM
susan nigh said:

My kids are all teenagers and want to stay out till twelve. They don't drink but may possibly be on the road, which I think is foolish. Give me the facts on the percentage of drunk drivers that will be out on the road tonight.


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