A Little Known Drunk Driving Fact

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Is New Year's Eve the most common night for drunk driving accidents?

A Little Known Drunk Driving Fact

Many people believe that New Year's Eve is the night when the most drunken driving accidents occur but they are wrong; New Year's Eve runs a distant second to the holiday that statistically has the largest number of drunk driving fatalities—Thanksgiving.

Many people know that Thanksgiving is a time with family, and people often feel the need to drink more around family and have a good time. However, this drunk driving fact is no laughing matter. At your next Thanksgiving dinner, give thanks for the health of those you are with and make sure that they get home safely.



11/16/2007 5:00:44 PM
araceli said:

this article says the truth to most of the things that are said. my grand father gets drunk the most on thanksgiving just to have a good time with us.

9/1/2011 3:48:08 PM
Anonomous said:

I believe that New Years is where the most drinking accidents occur so if you believe me like me:)


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