Penalties Set by Virginia State Law for DUI

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What can I face if I have been arrested for a DUI in Virginia?

Penalties Set by Virginia State Law for DUI

Virginia state law for DUI is very specific with regards to the penalties for first time DUI offenders. First offenses are met with a fine ranging from $250 to $2500. In addition to the fine, Virginia state law for DUI also states that you can serve up to 1 whole year for a first DUI offense. If your blood alcohol level is above .15%, you will also be forced to install a mandatory ignition interlock system in your car once your driver license is reinstated.

*These penalties for DUI set by Virginia state law may seem severe, however, DUI offenses are on the rise and the commonwealth must try to prevent more occurrences through its stiffer penalties. Virginia drivers, be smart and don't drive under the Influence!



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