Financial Recovery After a Drunk Driving Crash

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Where do you look for recovery after a drunk driving crash?

Financial Recovery After a Drunk Driving Crash

Many people think that after a drunk driving crash, there is little recourse beyond that of the driver's auto insurance. However, much more can be lost than your car after a drunk driving crash and here are a few places you can seek to recover from your losses:

• Were you injured? If so, consult with your employer about disability benefits you can collect while you are unable to work.
• How seriously were you injured? If your drunk driving crash resulted in serious injury, consult with an attorney about a civil suit against the driver responsible for the crash.
• Did you lose more than your car in the crash? If you had valuables in your car when you were the victim of a drunk driving crash and you are a homeowner or renter, consult with your homeowner's or renter's insurance company to recover losses of items that would typically be in your home.
• Can the state help? Many states have ‘Crime Victim Compensation' laws that will help cover expenses such as hospital and funerals for victims of crimes. Check with a local State's Attorney with regard to your local regulations.

A drunk driving crash does not have to be the end of the world. Get the financial help that is available to you as a victim of such a serious crime.



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