How Much is Too Much? Depends on Your State DUI Law

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How can I find my state DUI law?

How Much is Too Much? Depends on Your State DUI Law

Were you half in the bag or only a quarter in the bag when you got pulled over? While all states have DUI laws, different state DUI laws define ‘drunk' in different parameters. Most people would be surprised to learn how much of a difference there truly is between a .06% blood alcohol level and a .10% blood alcohol level. What does your state DUI law consider drunk?

Once you know your state DUI law, there are legal ways to help you stay off the road if you are beyond the legal limit. Among the most popular is a personal breathalyzer test. These can let you know your BAC at any time. They are small and easy to carry around. If you like to have a good time out of the house, buy one of these from you're a local convenience store and keep it handy. They are fairly inexpensive and could save you from an extremely costly DUI charge.

Advances in science have made it easy to keep yourself from breaking your state DUI law. Take advantage of these advances and party safely.



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