Motorcycles & Drunk Driving - Statistics Don't Lie

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What are some useful drunk driving statistics?

Motorcycles & Drunk Driving - Statistics Don't Lie

Do you prefer two-wheels or four when you are on the road? If you are the motorcycle or scooter type, you should think twice and then a third time before getting on the road after having a few too many.

Did you know that between 1980 and the present, drunk driving fatalities on motorcycles are over 10% more likely than those in cars? These drunk driving statistics are proportional, so they do take into account that many more people drive cars. Motorcyclists are harder for others on the road to see and, with most drunk driving statistics suggesting that fatal accidents are more likely to occur at night, the darkness adds yet another dangerous factor to the situation.

Drunk driving statistics don't lie. If you like to ride your mean machine on the open road—do it sober. Don't become a drunk driving statistic yourself.



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