Thinking of Drinking and Driving - Statistics Are Not in Your Favor

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Why are most people pulled over and end up getting a DUI?

Thinking of Drinking and Driving - Statistics Are Not in Your Favor

Sure, you've had a few drinks, but you'll just drive home slowly and safely and you won't get pulled over for DUI or get in an accident, right? WRONG! Drinking and driving statistics clearly show that neither your speed nor the degree of your “safe” driving can keep you from getting a DUI.

The majority of DUI offenses do not originate from a speeding stop. Most DUI charges are the result of inconsistent driving observed by an officer. I guarantee that these people thought they were driving “safely” as well. Swerving on the road, into the shoulder, or other impaired driving is the leading cause of resulting DUI charges, according to drinking and driving statistics.

No matter how much you think you can handle and still drive, remember that if you are relying on your speedometer to keep you from getting a DUI, statistics are not in your favor.



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