Have You Been Stopped For a BUI Check?

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What should I do if I am unfairly charged with BUI?

Have You Been Stopped For a BUI Check?

If you have been flagged down as part of a boating while intoxicated sweep, remember that there are many factors that can complicate a field sobriety test. Many times an officer will evaluate your physical condition and behavior to determine whether you are intoxicated. If you have spent a long day in the sun and on the water, chances are you may appear to the officer as being under the influence. Your red eyes, wobbly gait, and lightheadedness from dehydration can all be mistaken for alcohol consumption.

If you feel you are being singled out for a field sobriety test, it is very important to get in touch with a BUI expert lawyer immediately. Don't delay in contacting a legal expert who can assist you, as your boating and driving licenses can both depend on the outcome of your case.



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