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What is a victim impact statement?

The Victim Statement

Did you know that MADD lobbied for your right to make a courtroom statement as the victim of a DUI offender who has moved into the sentencing phase? Underage drinking, teen drunk driving, and other DUI or DWI cases now offer a constitutionally protected right for you, the victim, to deliver a victim impact statement to the court in many states.

The victim impact statement can help demonstrate the seriousness of the crime, and bring you closure during a painful period in life. Nobody wants to become part of the underage drinking statistics, DUI accident or crime rates, or any other such measurement of DUI related crimes. But in an unfortunate circumstance, it's important to do whatever is possible to bring closure and remind others that these crimes can and do happen very close to home.

What information does MADD offer the victims of drunk driving?

What MADD Offers Victims of Drunk Driving

Did you know that MADD offers many forms of assistance for the victims of drunk driving? MADD can assist victims of drunk drivers in locating emotional support, financial assistance, and help from state or federal agencies. MADD can provide helpful information on where to locate such assistance, especially where veteran's benefits, vocational rehab, and other programs are concerned. If you need such advice, don't hesitate to contact your local MADD chapter for immediate information.

What is the MADD safe party guide?

MADD Safe Party Guide

One way MADD tries to help the average responsible drinker is by the publication of its "safe party guide," which offers tips for hosts and hostesses on helping guests leave the party well within the legal boundaries for safe driving. This is proof positive that MADD doesn't want to stamp out alcohol; the organization does encourage responsible use among adults. MADD definitely opposes underage drinking. The safe party guides published by the organization are aimed at responsible adults and aren't intended as an endorsement of underage drinking. You can get a copy of the Safe Party Guide through your local MADD chapter or through the MADD online website.

Does MADD offer volunteer positions as crisis counselors?

How You Can Help MADD

Did you know that MADD actively seeks adults who can function as crisis support for victims of drunk drivers? This is an organization that has activities above and beyond simply pushing for legislation against underage drinking with lowering underage drinking statistics in mind. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers needs volunteers who are willing to be trained as victim advocates. Such training qualifies MADD volunteers to give emotional assistance to stricken families at a moment's notice.

If you are looking for meaningful volunteer work that really does make a difference, consider this challenging and rewarding opportunity. Contact your local MADD chapter for more information.

What is the history of Mothers Against Drunk Driving?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving - Brief History

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, was founded in 1980 in the state of California. In its first few years, Mothers Against Drunk Driving was received well and by 1982, President Reagan invited them to be a member of his Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving. A year later, MADD moved their main offices to Texas. By 1998, Mothers Against Drunk Driving had spearheaded a zero tolerance initiative that passed in all 50 states.

Born out of tragedy, MADD is now the foremost authority in drunk driving statistics, education, and prevention. For more information on Mothers Against Drunk Driving and their other initiatives, visit their website or any of their local offices.

What volunteer opportunities are there with MADD?

MADD Volunteer Opportunities

Many people are passionate about preventing underage drinking, drunk driving, and related problems. Did you know that MADD is eager for volunteer help in a variety of positions? Mothers Against Drunk Drivers actively seeks people for many of their programs, including youth mentoring opportunities. Look up the nearest chapter of MADD to learn what you can do. Despite a "madd mothers against drunk driving" perception in some circles, both men and women from all walks of life participate in MADD programs to help curb teen drunk driving, and other problems related to alcohol abuse. Contact your local MADD organization for more information on getting involved.

What does MADD recomend for a safe party?

Safe Parties

What does Mothers Against Drunk Drivers encourage in order to have a safe and sensible party environment?

1. Hosts should not rely on visual cues to tell them if someone is sober. MADD encourages hosts and hostesses to consider the amount of drinks a guest has consumed plus the amount of time spent not drinking.

2. MADD encourages people to forget about the percieved differences between wine, alcohol, and mixed drinks--a bottle of beer has the same amount of alcohol as a five ounce glass of wine. MADD encourages people to remember this factor when trying to help people stay responsible.

3. MADD's position on alcohol is quite clear. Underage drinking is illegal and should never be condoned or ignored by a party host. Situations like these can lead to violations of underage drinking law, and potential arrest for both underage drinkers and the host of the party.

What is MADD?

What is MADD?

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is a national agency dedicated to the prevention of underage drinking and drunk driving by raising awareness of the issues, and giving tools to parents and educators. The first chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers was started in California in 1980. The organization got tax-exempt status the following year, and since then has been a strong advocate in favor of safe highways and rural roads.

Does MADD offer courtroom assistance?

A Crucial Bit of Assistance

While not all MADD chapters have the resources to do so, in some states, MADD advocates can accompany you to the courtroom in drunk driving-related court dates. If your family has been the victim of drunk driving, whether it is an underage drinking case, a repeat adult DUI offender, or any other kind of case, you may not have to face the court--or the offender--alone. In places such as Washington State, courtroom accompaniment services are available should you need it. If this program is not available in your area, ask what kinds of victim services are open to you. You may get some excellent information on community referral programs that can assist you in a time of great difficulty. Underage drinking, teen drunk driving, and other situations that can bring unexpected grief into your life don't have to be handled alone. MADD is there to help.

What is the MADD position on sobriety stops?

MADDand Sobriety Checkpoints

The Mothers Against Drunk Drivers official position on sobriety checkpoints often clashes with the position many DUI attorneys take. MADD fully endorses and supports the checkpoints, while some DUI attorneys question the legality or fairness of such stops.

One of the major arguments against the sobriety checkpoints is that statistics report no decrease in drunk driving incidents, regardless of the existence of the checkpoints. That said, MADD states that these checkpoints should be seen as visible deterrents to drinking and driving.

Is MADD anti-alcohol?

Is MADD an Anti-Alcohol Crusader?

Did you know that there is no place in the MADD charter for a prohibitionist attitude? clearly spells out the position the organization takes on alcohol use.

"MADD urges that those Americans of drinking age who choose to drink do so in a responsible manner, avoiding any driving after drinking."

That statement can be found under MADD's "MADD's Positions on Responsible Marketing and Service " section of the website. The reason it's important to point out this position? Many people mistakenly believe that in order to volunteer for the organization, they must adopt a "no alcohol" stance.

MADD is opposed to any form of underage drinking, and is in favor of allowing victims of teen drunk driving to seek damages against bartenders who serve alcohol to minors illegally. If there is one thing MADD is definitely completely opposed to, it is the notion that any responsible adult could get away with violating underage drinking laws.

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