A Crucial Bit of Assistance

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Does MADD offer courtroom assistance?

A Crucial Bit of Assistance

While not all MADD chapters have the resources to do so, in some states, MADD advocates can accompany you to the courtroom in drunk driving-related court dates. If your family has been the victim of drunk driving, whether it is an underage drinking case, a repeat adult DUI offender, or any other kind of case, you may not have to face the court--or the offender--alone. In places such as Washington State, courtroom accompaniment services are available should you need it. If this program is not available in your area, ask what kinds of victim services are open to you. You may get some excellent information on community referral programs that can assist you in a time of great difficulty. Underage drinking, teen drunk driving, and other situations that can bring unexpected grief into your life don't have to be handled alone. MADD is there to help.



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