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Will insurance cover a drunk driving crash?

Making an Insurance Claim After a Drunk Driving Crash

When you are the victim of a drunk driving crash, automobile insurance should cover all of your damages. It is important to make your claim as soon as you can. After a drunk driving crash, it is also important to provide as much evidence of damages to the insurance company as you can. The more details and specific damages, the more comprehensive your settlement will be.

Nothing can replace what is lost in the accident and nothing can make it like it never happened, but an insurance settlement can help you move forward with your life and not be held back by the accident. Make sure that you immediately gather the necessary insurance information from the other driver after a drunk driving accident. With this information and a qualified attorney, you can start back on your feet again.

Where do you look for recovery after a drunk driving crash?

Financial Recovery After a Drunk Driving Crash

Many people think that after a drunk driving crash, there is little recourse beyond that of the driver's auto insurance. However, much more can be lost than your car after a drunk driving crash and here are a few places you can seek to recover from your losses:

• Were you injured? If so, consult with your employer about disability benefits you can collect while you are unable to work.
• How seriously were you injured? If your drunk driving crash resulted in serious injury, consult with an attorney about a civil suit against the driver responsible for the crash.
• Did you lose more than your car in the crash? If you had valuables in your car when you were the victim of a drunk driving crash and you are a homeowner or renter, consult with your homeowner's or renter's insurance company to recover losses of items that would typically be in your home.
• Can the state help? Many states have ‘Crime Victim Compensation' laws that will help cover expenses such as hospital and funerals for victims of crimes. Check with a local State's Attorney with regard to your local regulations.

A drunk driving crash does not have to be the end of the world. Get the financial help that is available to you as a victim of such a serious crime.

Should I consult an attorney after a drunk driving crash?

Consult an Attorney After a Drunk Driving Crash

Drunk driving can have long lasting affects on everyone involved, especially in the event of a drunk driving crash. Whether you are the driver or the victim of a drunk driving crash, it is in your best interest to speak with an attorney as soon as you can.

• Drivers: Become well aware of your rights so that you can protect yourself
• Victims: know your rights with regard to medical and auto coverage for damages as well as for civil advice

*Attorneys are often a necessity after a drunk driving crash and you should be prepared. Use the Internet and yellow pages to find a local attorney who specializes in drunk driving crashes. Protect yourself and know your rights.

How can a drunk driving crask affect your life?

When a Drunk Driving Crash Affects Your Life

Nobody should have to deal with a drunk driving crash alone. If you or someone you know has been involved in a drunk driving crash, the aftermath can be hard to deal with. In such a serious event, people can be overwhelmed by emotion and not know how to think or feel. There is help available for people involved in drunk driving crashes.

Look for support groups in your area (often there are groups that specifically contain drunk driving victims). This type of support can be invaluable. Also, use the resources made available by the State to help you along. Talk with the local State's Attorney to ask about where you can go for more assistance. They will usually be more than happy to help you along.

Are the holidays really more prone to drunk driving accidents?

Holiday Season - Watch For Drunk Driving Accidents

All statistics and studies point to one fact about the occurrences of drunk driving accidents: They are far more likely during holiday seasons. Most people attend Christmas or New Year's Eve parties and most of these parties involve drinking. Far too often, people leave these parties without a designated driver and under the influence. Unfortunately, this often results in a drunk driving accident that can result in major injury or even death.

When holiday season comes around, be more aware of your surroundings and the friends with which you travel. If you are going to drink, take a cab or use a designated driver. If you are not going to drink, be a designated driver for others, you may save their lives from being lost in a drunk driving accident.

How can I avoid a drunk driving accident?

Avoiding a Drunk Driving Accident

As common place as drunk driving has become, anyone can be the victim of a drunk driving accident. Although there is no way to guarantee that you will not be in the wrong place at the wrong time, there are ways to prevent yourself from being a victim:

• When you are driving (particularly at night in populated areas) remain extra cautious of your surroundings
• Be a great driver yourself (beyond awareness, compliance with driving laws is also important)
• Try to obey the speed limits on the road (more drunk driving accidents cause major damage at higher speeds)

Who are the victims of a drunk driving accident?

Drunk Driving Accidents Have Many Victims

Next time you are out on the town and have had a few too many, remember the real consequences of a drunk driving accident. When people make the poor decision to get behind the wheel when under the influence, they can hurt themselves as well as other drivers.

Drunk driving accidents have been consistently on the rise and happen to all sorts of people. For the average person, a drunk driving accident not only has detrimental effects on themselves and the victims, but on victims' families as well. People often forget about the others that are affected by their decisions. Don't let this happen to you. Remember the other victims that remain after a drunk driving accident and make the right decision every time.

What should I do if I have caused a drunk driving accident?

What to Do in a Drunk Driving Accident

Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are a reality in today's society. If you are involved in a drunk driving accident, be prepared. These few important things can ease the stress involved afterwards:

• Rights vary from state to state so make sure you do research and know yours before you're ever in such a situation
• Remember that anything you say to anyone (even doctors and nurses) can be used against you in court
• Consult with a DUI lawyer as soon as possible to advise you on the specifics in your area

Remember these things if you are in a drunk driving accident and make your experience a little easier to deal with.

Should I comply after a drunk driving accident?

To Blow or Not to Blow - Choices to Make in a Drunk Driving Accident

Every person maintains certain rights under the law, including drunk drivers. Even if a person's drunk driving leads to an accident, these rights cannot be infringed upon. Most important in these rights is the right to not incriminate oneself. Any drunk driving accident will require that the driver be proven drunk. This can be done through breathalyzer tests, blood samples, or even field sobriety exams. In these situations, remember that if you are the driver, you are not required to provide evidence to the authorities that will assist them in your prosecution.

When it comes to breathalyzer tests, you can choose whether or not to comply. Most states will automatically revoke your driver's license for refusal, however, this is not as concrete a penalty as a DUI conviction. If you are in a drunk driving accident, remember that you still have your rights and think carefully about your decisions.

What do I do if I witnessed a drunk driving accident?

What to do if you Witness a Drunk Driving Accident

*If you are on the road and witness a drunk driving accident, there are responsibilities you should keep in mind:

• Know that your statement is invaluable to the authorities in determining what happened
• If you are the only witness around, alert the authorities of the accident immediately
• Make sure that there are no people trapped in vehicles and, if so, report that to the authorities immediately

A large burden is put on witnesses to drunk driving accidents. Often, they result in both criminal and civil actions. Just remember that someone has been made a victim and it is you that can help them get the justice that they deserve.

What are my options as a victim of a drunk driving crash?

Important Information for Victims of a Drunk Driving Crash

If you have been the victim of a drunk driving crash that was someone else's fault, follow these steps to assure that you don't end up being victimized anymore:

• No matter how minor, contact the police (without necessary evidence it will be difficult to prove intoxication)
• Pay attention to detail in your drunk driving crash (you may serve as a witness)
• The better witness you can be, the stronger both cases against the driver will be
• Make sure any parties present when the drunk driving crash occurred give statements to the authorities

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