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How serious is a license suspension?

How Serious is a License Suspension

Having your license suspended is no laughing matter. Not only is it something that will always remain on a person's record, but a license suspension changes your daily living. In the end, the seriousness of a license suspension depends on the person.

• It can affect you daily or not at all. For example, a New York City resident who has their license suspended and can use public transportation instead has less to worry about than someone who commutes to work or travels regularly

• It can affect you financially. Future loans or credit based applications can also be influenced by a license suspension

• It can affect your career. Many employers and potential employers monitor such offenses and make decisions based upon them

If you are facing a license suspension, the best thing to do is to contact a local attorney who can advise you on the right course of action. Use the Internet to find the best legal resources to help you on your way.

Lawyers Can Help with Your License Revocation?

Lawyers Can Help with Your License Revocation

Are you facing a license revocation and are worried that something that has become so necessary may become unavailable to you? Don't lay down in front of the train when it comes to license revocation. Prepare yourself by getting a lawyer who can help you contest the revocation.

An experienced lawyer can challenge many factors that lead to your license revocation. Was your traffic stop justified? Did the officers follow the proper procedure during your stop? Try to remember every aspect of your circumstance so that you can best inform your lawyer of what happened. The devil is in the details and, with all the facts in hand, a good lawyer can often successfully challenge your revocation and get you driving again in no time.

Can I challenge a driver license suspension?

Challenging a Driver License Suspension

Depending on where you live, a driver license suspension is not completely absolute. There are options for reinstating your driver license after it has been suspended. Explore your options by following these steps:

• Contact a local attorney who specializes in these types of cases—many resources are available
• Discuss your specific situation with the attorney and ask them what options you may have
• Take action rather than accepting your fate

Find yourself a specialized lawyer to handle your driver license suspension.


Noncompliance - A Common Reason for License Revocation

In most states, when you accept the responsibility of a driver's license, you also agree to comply with certain traffic laws and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules is the most common reason that people face license revocation. Some of these rules are pretty basic, and others are little known. Don't get pulled over without knowing exactly what rules you need to comply with.

Go to your local department of motor vehicles. States are mandated to provide educational resources to drivers regarding state-specific penalties, including those that can lead to license revocation. Pick these up and read them. Next time you get pulled over, you will know what you need to do and you won't have to worry about actions leading to license revocation.

How can I get reinstated after a license revocation?

Getting Reinstated After A License Revocation

Each state has a different procedure for getting your license reinstated after revocation. For example, in Florida, if you wait to reinstate your license until your revocation period ends, you must present proof of enrollment or completion of DUI School and treatment, if referred, is required.

Find out what the process is in your state and start working towards it—before it's too late. Failure to complete requirements for a reinstatement can result in cancellation of your driver license by the department. Unlike license revocation, license cancellation is permanent. Whatever state you are in, find an experienced attorney to help lead you on the way to reinstatement after license revocation.

How can I avoid a driver license suspension?

Avoiding A Driver License Suspension

There are ways that a person can avoid a driver license suspension. First, and most obvious, drive carefully and stay alert at all time behind the wheel. If you offer no reason to have a drivers license suspension issued to you, chances are it won't happen. If you are unfortunately caught in a situation that could result in a driver license suspension, however, be prepared:

• Know your rights
• Think carefully about everything that you do from the moment the situation begins
• Take advantage of knowledgeable legal advisors who can assist you through the situation
• The right lawyer with the right knowledge can prevent you from facing a driver license suspension

*Be smart and drive safely and soberly!!!!

What is License Suspension?

What is License Suspension?

For any number of violations ranging from a DUI to too many speeding tickets, a driver may be subject to license suspension or revocation. License suspension is by no means a slap on the wrist.

In an age when you need your car to perform any number of regular daily actions, license suspension can change a person's life. Although states have different specific statutes on license suspension, they all have severe penalties. Much like any kind of probation, violation of a license suspension will result in far stiffer penalties and possible license cancellation. If you have had your license suspended, you do have options. Discuss your situation with a qualified local attorney.

Why did the officer take away my license on the spot?

The California Police Officer Took My License. Why?

In California, much like the rest of the United States, administrative license suspension can result from a DUI arrest. Your license is taken away, and you are required to go to court in order to get it reinstated.

This DUI punishment is an administrative action, in addition to the criminal case you already face. The rules are set up so that you have a very short period of time to request a DMV hearing to get it back (the burden is on you to do this). Once the time period has passed, it is impossible for you to get a hearing at all. You then face expensive measures to get your license back.

Whether you face a California administrative license suspension, or similar action in another state, it is imperative that you act quickly to request a hearing. Get your lawyer involved immediately so you don't miss your chance to reclaim your license!

I was found not guilty. Is my license automatically reinstated?

Do I Get My License Back if I Was Found Not Guilty?

If your DMV hearing resulted in a continuation of your driver license suspension, this suspension remains in effect regardless of the verdict at the trial. You may not receive DUI punishment, but the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state will need to review your case and make a determination on the status of your license suspension.

A not guilty verdict is not an automatic restoration of your driving privileges. You will need to contact the DMV to learn what to do next, and how long the process may take in your state. This is one of the unfortunate effects of the DUI arrest ordeal, and even though you are found not guilty, you still have to comply with DMV rules until the matter is settled once and for all.

What do I do after a driver license suspension?

Getting Along after a Driver License Suspension

Mistakes can happen and we are often held accountable in some way or another. If you have had a driver license suspension for moving violations, DUI, or anything else, now is the time to focus on moving forward. If you have found yourself without the ability to get to your work or other tasks that require travel, there are solutions.

• If possible, obtain a job that's convenient to walk to
• Consider moving to a city with convenient public transportation
• Ask a co-worker to carpool
• If it's an option, try working from home

Whatever it takes, do not let your driver license suspension cause any more problems. Get yourself back on track.

Will a DUI result in a license suspension?

DUI - Your Ticket To License Suspension

Today, it is hard for most to imagine living without the ability to move around freely with your own automobile. License suspension by the state is the worst way to lose this privilege. The most common reason for people having their license suspended is for a DUI arrest or other moving violations. If license suspension doesn't sound good to you, think twice before the next time you get behind the wheel after a night out.

One fun night could cost you years of being able to keep you driving privileges. Unless you live in a major city where public transportation is everywhere, think of how a license suspension would affect getting to work, transporting your family, or just going to leisure activities.

Is it illegal to drive with a suspended license?

Driving With a License Suspension is a Crime

Often, those convicted of a crime are subject to some sort of probationary period. Violation of this probation often results in a more sever crime charged and stiffer penalties. License suspension fits into this mold. If you have a suspended license and are caught breaking this suspension, most states will charge you with a far more serious crime and you may even be subject to a cancellation of your license.

As opposed to license suspension, which is not permanent, license cancellation is absolute. If you have a suspended license, think before you get behind the wheel. No one car trip is so important that it is worth costing you every trip in the future.

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