Getting Along after a Driver License Suspension

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What do I do after a driver license suspension?

Getting Along after a Driver License Suspension

Mistakes can happen and we are often held accountable in some way or another. If you have had a driver license suspension for moving violations, DUI, or anything else, now is the time to focus on moving forward. If you have found yourself without the ability to get to your work or other tasks that require travel, there are solutions.

• If possible, obtain a job that's convenient to walk to
• Consider moving to a city with convenient public transportation
• Ask a co-worker to carpool
• If it's an option, try working from home

Whatever it takes, do not let your driver license suspension cause any more problems. Get yourself back on track.



1/19/2015 10:18:04 PM
Deborah Krous said:

Your "solutions" are assinine! They offer NO solution at all!


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