To Blow or Not to Blow - Choices to Make in a Drunk Driving Accident

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Should I comply after a drunk driving accident?

To Blow or Not to Blow - Choices to Make in a Drunk Driving Accident

Every person maintains certain rights under the law, including drunk drivers. Even if a person's drunk driving leads to an accident, these rights cannot be infringed upon. Most important in these rights is the right to not incriminate oneself. Any drunk driving accident will require that the driver be proven drunk. This can be done through breathalyzer tests, blood samples, or even field sobriety exams. In these situations, remember that if you are the driver, you are not required to provide evidence to the authorities that will assist them in your prosecution.

When it comes to breathalyzer tests, you can choose whether or not to comply. Most states will automatically revoke your driver's license for refusal, however, this is not as concrete a penalty as a DUI conviction. If you are in a drunk driving accident, remember that you still have your rights and think carefully about your decisions.



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