Is MADD an Anti-Alcohol Crusader?

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Is MADD anti-alcohol?

Is MADD an Anti-Alcohol Crusader?

Did you know that there is no place in the MADD charter for a prohibitionist attitude? clearly spells out the position the organization takes on alcohol use.

"MADD urges that those Americans of drinking age who choose to drink do so in a responsible manner, avoiding any driving after drinking."

That statement can be found under MADD's "MADD's Positions on Responsible Marketing and Service " section of the website. The reason it's important to point out this position? Many people mistakenly believe that in order to volunteer for the organization, they must adopt a "no alcohol" stance.

MADD is opposed to any form of underage drinking, and is in favor of allowing victims of teen drunk driving to seek damages against bartenders who serve alcohol to minors illegally. If there is one thing MADD is definitely completely opposed to, it is the notion that any responsible adult could get away with violating underage drinking laws.



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