What Can I Expect From a Jury DUI Trial?

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What happens in a DUI jury trial?

What Can I Expect From a Jury DUI Trial?

Depending on the laws of your state, a DUI trial can resemble a good many other kinds of jury trials. Once you have secured the services of a DUI attorney, or other legal expert in the state where you reside, you can get specific advice on what the procedures may be for your state. In general, your DUI lawyer will take part in jury selection, make opening statements, and ask may questions of the arresting officer. Evidence will be called, and your DUI defense may well depend on contesting that evidence and demonstrating that it was either inaccurate, poorly handled or administered in the case of breath tests or other sobriety checks.

Your DUI attorney will give a closing argument, the jury will be given instructions, and then they will go behind closed doors to decide the verdict. A California DUI defense may be successful, but in the event of a guilty verdict, you may have to await sentencing at a later date. Your California (or other state) DUI lawyer may be allowed to make an appeal or will be given instructions on when you are to appear to receive a sentence.



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