Too Many are Boating While Intoxicated

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Do many people boat while intoxicated?

Too Many are Boating While Intoxicated

Drunk driving is a problem on the open roads but what about the open waterways? Boating while intoxicated occurs in a far larger percentage than driving an automobile while intoxicated and the consequences can be just as bad. With no 'lanes' or true traffic direction on the waterways, boating while intoxicated can cause further disarray when it comes to boat traffic.

Vision is even more important on the water than behind the wheel of a car. Many boats differ greatly in size, often times an un-alert boater will not even see the boat that they are about to run into. Being intoxicated while boating will enhance any pre-existing difficulties and dangers that usually occur when captaining a boat. If you are the Captain, let the passengers enjoy themselves with a few drinks, but keep yourself safe by avoiding boating while intoxicated.



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