Boating Drunk - An Underestimated Danger

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Are there serious dangers in boating drunk?

Boating Drunk - An Underestimated Danger

While driving an automobile is mostly a necessity for travel, boating is usually a more social device. When people go boating, they are most often enjoying a long day of sun and fun and, often they have a few drinks—this leads to many occurrences of boating drunk.

Boating drunk is a danger that many people do not take into consideration (when you combine alcohol with a day of absorbing solar rays and exhaustion, boating drunk can quickly become disastrous). Many waterways are filled with traffic and boats are getting bigger and bigger while personal watercraft remains smaller. Imagine what a drunk driver in an 18-wheeler would do to a motorcyclist on the road; boating drunk when captaining a large vessel can have similar results for a Jetski user.

*Next time you are boating, do not forget that you alcohol consumption will be enhanced by the heat and think ahead before heading in.



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