Reasons to Avoid Operating a JetSki or Boating While Intoxicated

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Should I avoid using a JetSki or boating while intoxicated?

Reasons to Avoid Operating a JetSki or Boating While Intoxicated

The government and political action groups have taken great strides in educating people about drunk driving. Boating while intoxicated, however, is not as common a problem across the country and therefore has not received the same amount of attention. However, here are many reasons to avoid using a personal watercraft or boating while intoxicated:

• Boats are controlled by both people and water—the open water has influence on a boat's path
• You must remain aware when boating and boating while intoxicated will hamper your abilities
• If you are the owner of a Jet Ski or other personal watercraft, you are harder to see than a larger boat & intoxication hinders judgment
• Boating while intoxicated can also lead to losing your craft if you are charged

*Safety and freedom are the main reasons why you should avoid boating while intoxicated.



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