Drunk Driving - How to Know You've Had One Too Many

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When do I know I am too drunk to drive?

Drunk Driving - How to Know You've Had One Too Many

Few disagree with the fact that alcohol affects different people in very different ways. A person's size, weight, and other characteristics can alter their relative tolerance to drinking. When it comes to drunk driving, however, the law has its own standard.

The law does not take into account that you weigh more than average or that you have a higher tolerance to tequila than most. If you blow beyond legal limits, you will be placed under arrest. Instead of drunk driving, be aware of your limits.

*There are many local law enforcement agencies that hold classes where they can test your blood alcohol in different situations. Stay aware of how much you have had and don't be caught drunk driving when it could have been easily avoided.



9/12/2011 9:33:08 PM
a boy who has no parents because of drunk driving said:

Honestly, I believe if you are going to drink any alcohol at all that you should have a designated driver because you never know how your body will react to it. You may be getting over a cold or something and become drunk faster than you would if you were healthy. Even one beer could give you a buzz which could be dangerous.


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