DWI Field Exercises

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What are DWI field exercises?

DWI Field Exercises

If you have ever been pulled over on suspicion of drunken driving, you have faced the dreaded DWI field sobriety exercises. For those that have never had to go through them, here is what you need to know that not all states have the same DWI exercises. Most are standard, however, and often times consist of the following exercises:

• touching ones nose with an extended fingertip
• slowly walking a straight line placing one foot directly in front of the other
• counting a set of numbers backwards
• reciting the alphabet

There are other exercises that certain localities use. They may sound easy, but are sure to be more difficult to someone under the influence. These exercises are used for a reason: If you are guilty of a DWI, these video-taped exercises can be very damaging if failed.



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