Changes in Arizona State Law for DUI

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Have there been any changes in Arizona state law for DUI?

Changes in Arizona State Law for DUI

Arizona state law for DUI is changing often. Recent changes should be taken note of by anyone with a driver's license. Among these changes were:

• An increase in the initial fine for 1st time DUI offenders from $450 to $950
• A DUI conviction when a driver has a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent or above increases from $700 to $1,700
• A second-time offender will face a $1,250 surcharge on top of the other fines

As you can see, the fees set forth by Arizona state laws for DUI are high and only getting higher. Think of it this way—how much would a cab cost to take home from the bar? I bet it would be less than the $950 fine it would cost if you get behind the wheel after a long night.

*Do the math and make the right choice.



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