Convicted? A Ventura DUI Lawyer can Still Help

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What makes a Ventura DUI lawyer qualified for my case?

Convicted? A Ventura DUI Lawyer can Still Help

A drunk driving conviction does not have to mean the end of the world if you live in Ventura, California. While there are very specific statutes as to what a DUI is in Ventura, the penalties are not as concrete and a good Ventura DUI lawyer can still help you even after you have been convicted.

The only sentence that is set in stone in Ventura is that of your license suspension (that is a separate matter handled by the DMV and not by the courts). As far as any penalties or jail time, however, there are few mandated penalties that you will face. As with most crimes, your penalty is based on more than guilt or innocence. It also is based on the specifics of your case, your lawyer's relationship with the state, and the practices of local courts and prosecutors.

With a good Ventura DUI lawyer, your conviction does not mean the end of your freedom or driving days. Speak with a DUI lawyer in Ventura about the specifics of your case and you may benefit in the form of a lenient sentence.



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